How to use your EBT, Debit or Credit card

  1. When you arrive at the market, go to the market information booth. 
  2. Give your card to the market employee and tell them how much you want to spend.
  3. The market employee will swipe your card and have you enter your PIN or sign the receipt.
  4. You will receive wooden tokens that total the amount that you want to spend.  Please double check that you received the correct amount of tokens.  For EBT the tokens are $1 each and change can’t be given.  For Debit and Credit the tokens are $5 each and change can be given.
  5. Spend your tokens with vendors.  All vendors should accept the $5 tokens.  All vendors selling acceptable items will accept the EBT $1 tokens.
  6. If you have tokens left when you finish your shopping, don’t worry.  You can bring them back next week and use them.  Token do not expire.


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