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The Kittitas County Farmers Market is looking for volunteers! We have so many exciting things we hope to do this season, and we will only be able to accomplish our goals with your help. From one-time events to involvement with ongoing projects, there is an opportunity for everyone to contribute, helping ensure that the Kittitas County Farmers Market remains a vibrant, fresh, exciting part of our community.

We'd love to have your help! Below are details about tasks that volunteers can do to support the markets. Please call or email us if you would like to help out. The Kittitas County Farmers Market is a fun, community-oriented event and our staff and volunteers work hard to keep things running smoothly for both shoppers and vendors.

Market Outreach

Every spring we need to remind people about the beautiful food available at farmers markets in their neighborhoods. We distribute posters and flyers in local businesses, community centers, libraries and more. If you can help with this effort, we'll provide you with tape, pins and a big stack of posters – as many as you think you can get out! Skills Required: Ability to get around a neighborhood; no car required. Ability to represent farmers markets well to various locations that will post our flyers. Minimum Time Commitment: Variable, and extremely flexible.

Cooking Demos & Produce Tasting Events

Cooking demos: Assist the demo coordinator with any needs at the market on a cooking demo day, such as buying supplies, help chef with food prep, help pass out samples. Volunteer for this job needs to have good interaction skills with public. Some food knowledge is also helpful.

Produce Tasting: Help with set-up, gathering produce, cutting and preparing for shopper sampling. Volunteer for this job needs to have good interaction skills with public. Some food knowledge is also helpful. Minimum time commitment: several hours on the day of the event.

Price Comparisons

Another important way we educate shoppers is to show price comparisons of the farmers markets vs. local grocery stores. Many people are afraid the farmers markets are too expensive, but actual price comparisons have repeatedly shown that prices are comparable or better than grocery stores and the variety and quality at the farmers markets is unparalleled. It's important to conduct comparisons each season to keep current and accurate results available. Time commitment is several hours. This is a fun and rewarding job for anyone interested in local food and local agriculture.

Sandwich Boards

A various location throughout the city we put out sandwich boards on street corners on market days. Volunteers can “adopt” a sandwich board and be responsible for putting it out each week during the season (sometimes this means storing the board at your home during the week, or coordinating retrieval of the board from storage site each week).

Saturday Information Booth - with so many exciting events and vendors at the Market, we need your help guiding customers so they have a convenient and stress free shopping trip. Our information booth guides shoppers to what’s new every Saturday at the Market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Market Surveys - We are growing! And we need your help to measure the increased foot traffic and sales throughout the Farmers Market. We will be counting and surveying our customers to gauge our growth and better serve our customers. We will need volunteers to do the monotonous task of doing an approximate count for each area of the Market, and some friendly folks to ask shoppers about what they are buying and their Market experience.


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